About the Author


Picture of author Victor Sanchez


Víctor Sánchez is the author of the Toltec Oracle.

He created this work as a way for people to learn and enjoy the Toltec knowledge main concepts and tools in a way that would be user friendly for the general public, so that they could use it in a somewhat playful way.

Victor Sanchez  is a Mexican researcher and author who has devoted his life to create a meaningful connection between the spirit of the indigenous world and the soul non-indigenous peoples. His perspective is that there is so much that we can learn from the indigenous knowledge and ways, as long as we take the time to become familiar with it and translate it to our own circumstances.

Among the main topics of his research has been his quest to decipher the "inner code" of indigenous knowledge and shamanism, so that it can be applied in the lives of ordinary people.

His approach has always been that the spiritual quest that really makes us grow with freedom is not the one based on faith or religious dogma, but the one based on the direct experience of connection with our own spirit and with the Great Spirit without intermediaries.  

It is interesting to note that the author had always been reluctant and skeptical regarding oracles and divination tools. However as he was looking into ways to share the beauty and the power of the Toltec spiritual knowledge, he came to realize that a real oracle is not a divination tool but rather a way to explore the hidden areas and potential of the soul. From this realization, he now regards the Toltec Oracle as a mirror for the soul.

You can find more information about him on www.victorsanchez.mx and www.toltecas.com