What is an oracle in general?

The word oracle has several meanings, depending on the context. It is generally understood as something or someone to consult on important issues. It can be a book, a place, an object or a person that communicates the questions of a person to a divinity and then provides answers for the questions. 

At its most superficial sense people think about oracles as a way to foretell the future. However, in a more serious and realistic approach, the way a real oracle works is not by predicting future events, but instead by helping people to look at the past and the present of their life in a clearer way. This clearer perception could help us to anticipate and eventually to deliberately shape our present and future.

Who are or who were the Toltec? What the word Toltec means?

We define the Toltecs as the cultural and spiritual matrix of Mesoamerica. Their historical being commenced among the Olmec, flourished in Teotihuacan, and continued in Tula and inspired the sages among the Aztec. Their spiritual and philosophical influenced spread among the indigenous peoples of all Mexico, the southern United States, and Central America. Because of their rich and deep worldview, their poetry, their complex and amazingly accurate calendars, their development in science and their philosophical and spiritual concepts, the Toltec were the great civilizing force in ancient Mexico and their name became synonymous with "Person of Knowledge".

We also define the Toltec as a condition of the being based on the integration of opposites that we all can achieve. Ketsalkoatl, the Feathered Serpent is the realization of this integration and it should be a development goal for every human being and for all mankind.

Therefore being a Toltec is an evolution possibility that is open to everyone, indigenous and non-indigenous people.

What is the meaning of the word oracle in the Toltec Oracle?

To get an idea of what the Toltec Oracle is, you can think of it as a mirror of the soul , which brings to light aspects of our being and our life that can escape the everyday perception. It does so by connecting the issues and questions of our life with the energetic, psychological and spiritual principles of the Toltec knowledge.

Is the Toltec Oracle a game?

The Toltec Oracle is not a game. It addresses the most important issues in our life and compels us to address them seriously, assertively and with responsibility, but also with joy.

Are the Toltec Oracle readings online different or shorter than those obtained in the book?

No. The messages for readings are the same and have the same extension.

The difference is that with the online version, you get one reading for a fee and with the complete book and deck set, you get unlimited readings for the price of the set. Also, in the book –besides the messages for the readings- there are additional chapters about the history, culture and spiritual knowledge of the Toltec.

For a better understanding of this point I suggest reading the table of contents included in the "About the book The Toltec Oracle" on the additional information section of this page.

How could something as cold as a computer and the internet possibly help me on issues as personal as the condition of my life and my soul?

When we think of technology, computers and the internet we are almost bound to feel that they are opposed to the issues of the spirit and the soul. However, if we think for example of a book that can touch deep fibers of our being, and help us discover powerful truths that can transform our lives, this does not seem so contradictory. In fact, the relationship we have with some special books can be not only intimate, but fundamental to the development of our lives. We should consider the online version of the Toltec Oracle in the same way: as a book that can speak to us in an intimate and personal way about issues that are very important to our heart and our life in general. The only difference is that this book and its messages come to us in digital form, which is consistent with the ways in which knowledge, art and information are –more and more- spread in our digital era.

What are the foundations of the Toltec Oracle answers?

In general, they rely on the knowledge and philosophy and spiritual thought of the ancient cultures of Mexico, which began with the Olmec, reached its glory with the people of Teotihuacan and had its modern expression in the Toltec of Tula and the tlamatinime (person of knowledge) among the Aztec. The cultural matrix of knowledge about human development of all these cultures was known as Toltekayotl (Toltequity).

In a more specific way, the 20 Tonalpohualli cards are inspired on the archetypal principles represented in the twenty calendar symbols of the Tonalpohualli calendar, which means the Book of Destiny and the ruler cards messages relate to the philosophical and psychological meaning of the life principles represented in the thirteen major deities of the Toltec spiritual world. The board design is inspired by a four quadrants model known as "The Cross of Ketsalkoatl" which was a model used in mathematics, architecture, healing and the Oracle. Even among the Maya the cross of the four quadrants can be found in many of the Archeological sites. 

These topics were researched by the author through studying the original indigenous prehispanic codices from the sixteenth century and before, and through his many years of experience spending time with the indigenous communities that have best preserved the body of knowledge and practices of the ancient Toltec, particularly the Nahua and Wixárika people.

Is there evidence of the use of the Toltec Oracle among the ancient Toltec?

There is evidence that the ancient people from México used an oracle of four quadrants based on the “Cross of Ketsalkoatl” model, as we can see in the image below which comes from the Magliabecchiano codex. However the details of the modern Toltec Oracle presented in this website were created by author Victor Sanchez based on his research about the ancient sources.

Who is the artist that painted the images on the cards?

The images are originals made by the tlacuilos (Toltec artist) in centuries before and after the Spanish Conquest. Their paintings and writings were preserved in ancient manuscripts made of vegetal fibers sheets known as codices.

How could the Toltec Oracle know what happens in my life?

The Toltec Oracle does not know what happens in your life. What it does is to provide a space for you to look at your life issues from a broader and deeper perspective than the one of the everyday life in the Western world. It gives you the opportunity to nurture your awareness of yourself and your life with the strength and consistency of an ancient knowledge that integrates the rational and silent knowledge sides of our consciousness (tonal and nagual).

Nobody would be able to explain with certainty why a particular person, at a particular time, gets this card or that message. That “why” belongs to the realm of mystery, which simple minds could simply call "chance". However, users report again and again, a strong sense of synchronicity or coincidence between the questions and the answers of the Toltec Oracle with the important issues really taking place in their lives. You get the feeling that the oracle answers are strong and accurate; often times not what you wanted to hear but instead what you needed to hear. Some would describe this as Great Spirit speaking to them through the Toltec Oracle. Others will say that chance made them get a really relevant answer.

It does not matter. The most important thing is not to figure out why or how this works, but to harness the power of the messages that The Toltec Oracle delivers.

After having used it, each person will decide for himself how to understand their relationship with the Toltec Oracle.

If these concepts are so ancient, how can they be useful in our modern time?

Even though they come from ancient times, the reason they are so powerful and work for the people of the present, is that the principles behind the Toltec Oracle look at universal aspects of human existence. They relate to the human beings essence, which remains the same throughout all times in the whole world. They have to do with everything that makes us human in the broadest perspective: they speak about life and death, fear and love, feeling trapped and dreaming with freedom, free will and interconnectedness of all beings,  reason and silent knowledge, relationship with our social environment and our connection with the forces of nature, influence of our past and our decision making power, poetry and business, art and science, and so on… issues that we all relate to.

This ancient knowledge helps us now in the 21 century because it teaches how to reconcile the poles of the internal and external dualities that we struggle with so often.

The merit of the Toltec Oracle lies in offering a modern interpretation of powerful ancient principles for human development; principles that have been validated through thousands of years of observation, reflection and application. This is an interpretation that we can apply in our time.

Are the answers of the Toltec Oracle just concepts for us to think about or do they have practical applications?

The focus of the men and women of Toltec wisdom was that knowledge was useful only if it could be experienced. They were very pragmatic. Because of this approach, the Toltec Oracle messages not only offer an abstract knowledge to nurture our intellectual rumination, but they always include forms of practical application for everyday life. The ways of applications are provided by means of a list of suggested activities accompanying all readings. Therefore, this is a knowledge not only to think or speak about, but mainly to do and live.

How should I understand the message and suggestions from my Toltec Oracle reading? Are they final instructions that I am supposed to follow to the letter?

The Toltec Oracle messages are an open space in which the only person who should make decisions about what to do or not to do is yourself. The Toltec view is that we come into this world to make decisions in the midst of mystery and through those consciously and responsibly made decisions we grow and we forge the strength of our soul, our being and our life. That is why this oracle message gives you proposals, but also invites you to pose questions to yourself, to reflect and make your own choices. As a general rule, each reading is accompanied by a list of suggested activities from which the user may choose which he deems appropriate, or me may be inspired to design other similar activities with a similar spirit. The Toltec Oracle does not take away your freedom, but instead it reminds you of the importance of using the power which comes from free and responsible decision making. This is real help, because often times we forget that we can actually decide about what is going on and that is why sometimes it seems that things just "happen to us", in a random way that is not always in our favor.

Is there any special use for the money that users pay for the Toltec Oracle On-Line readings?

The funds collected by this website are meant to support the research, books publications and projects lead by Victor Sanchez. More information on this can be found at  www.victorsanchez.mxwww.proyectohomosapienssapiens.org y www.toltecas.com