How to Get Your On-Line Toltec Oracle Reading


(this section explains the payment procedure and how to get your reading;  for details about the type of consultations and the consultation procedure, click the a appropriate buttons on the left)

To get an On-Line Toltec Oracle Reading just follow the steps below:

1. Log in into the site with your user name and password clicking on the link "Login-Logout" on the left menu. To get your log in name and password, you should first register into the website (only the first time). Find the button to register on the lower part of the log in page ("don´t have an account yet?"). 

Use the name and email of your choice, but it is important to use real information since you will receive an email with an activation link. We will not share or sell your information to others. If you don´t get our email right away, check your email spam folder, and include our address in your email "white list"

Once you are logged in, new buttons will appear on the left of the screen

2. Click the Payment Page button on the left menu and select the kind of reading you want. That will open the Paypal secure payment system. You will be able to pay with a Paypal account or with a bank card.

3. Follow and complete the on-screen payment instructions. If you don´t have a Paypal account, make sure you select the option "Buy as a guest" that is offered in the bottom of the Paypal window. 

Once your payment is completed, close the Paypal windows. At this point, since the systems keeps a record of your purchases; you can proceed to the reading right away or you can wait for a better moment to do the reading. The system will keep your records for at least one month.

4. Before proceeding with your consultation, read the simple instructions to manage the cards and the board online, plus suggestions about how to prepare yourself for the consultation and how to formulate your questions. You will find this information by clicking the "Consultation Procedure" button that will be visible once you have logged in, 

5. When you are ready to proceed, click the "My Oracle Readings" button to the left and then click the "Do my reading" button on the page. Then you will see the board and the cards to be shuffled and placed on the board, as explained in the "Consultation Procedure" section. 

6. Once you have shuffled the cards and place them on the board, the reading will be displayed on the screen for you to read, plus you will have the option to download your reading as a PDF as well.