The Toltec Oracle On-Line

The Toltec Oracle is a tool for personal and spiritual development that functions as a mirror for the soul.

This oracle is not a divination tool, because the Toltec philosophy –rather than trying to foretell the future- was more focused on acknowledging and embracing the mystery of life. Their motto was to learn how to navigate that mystery in the most efficient and joyful way.

The original full version of the Toltec Oracle is published as a book that compiles the most important and powerful concepts of the Toltec wisdom and philosophy which can be applied for personal and spiritual growth. They are helpful to deal with life challenges and crossroads. While the Toltec Oracle can be studied as a text book, most times it is used as a way of consulting about important issues of our life. You can ask questions and get answers and messages either about specific issues or about the overall picture of your life.  

The on-line version of the Toltec Oracle is not the same as the full book. In a way it is an opportunity for you to try it and if  you like it, you may want to get the book. The book is longer, beautiful even as an object and you can share its benefits with others.

When you pose a question to the Toltec Oracle, what you are really doing is opening a door to look at the issues of your life from the perspective of the Toltec wisdom. You will not be told what is going to happen, but how to look at what has been happening and at what will be happening from a deeper and wider perspective. You will also receive practical suggestions about how to deal with those life issues.

Elements of the Toltec Oracle

The Toltec Oracle has a board with four quadrants and two sets of cards.

The Toltec Oracle Board includes four quadrants which represent the main four general areas of our life; 

1. Tonakatl: which represents the realm of our Body and Material World,

2. Mati, which represents the realm of our Mind and Work Situation, 

3. Teyoli, which represents the realm of our Emotions and Relationships.

4. Teotl, which represents the realm of our relationship with the Great Spirit and our Spiritual LIfe.

There are twenty Tonalpohualli Cards, which represent archetypical situations of life. They provide meaning, direction and very practical ways to deal with these issues. While there is a general meaning for each card symbol, there is also a specific meaning that will be different, depending on which of the four quadrants of the Toltec Oracle board the card falls.  In each case, the meaning, suggested questions to reflect upon and activities to carry out will be different and tailored for each particular quadrant.

The Ruler Cards represent the main Deities of the ancient Toltec, which, rather than gods who  provide wishes or punishment, are really general energetic and spiritual principles that exist in the universe, with very practical and specific implications for the reality of human life. One of these cards will be placed at the center of the board and will provide an overall sense of how the tasks suggested by the Toltec Oracle should be understood and applied.

Finally, the cards are all connected at the center, which is called Yolotl, and that translates from the Toltec language as Heart.

For a full reading, four Tonalpohualli cards should be placed in the four quadrants and one Ruler card should be placed in the center of the board.

You can find more information on the origin of the board and the cards in the Frequently Asked Questions Section and full information in the Toltec Oracle book.